What To Look For In A Runner Rug

The new popularity of wooden and laminate floors has helped increase the demand for runner rugs. While these types of floors look fantastic in almost all styles, sometimes they can benefit from a dash of color and energy from a runner rug. Just area rugs, runners give long, less furnished spaces a touch of personality. For example, the hall is one of the most trafficked areas in a house, but they are often neglected when it’s time to think about the design and decor.

The basics
The hidden potential of a hall lies in its status as a place of transit. Family and guests don’t stay for too long there, which can help keep a style fresh and new for longer. Runner rugs also add comfort to hallways and soften transit areas where people might walk barefoot more often, such as halls that connect different bedrooms. Runners for these specific areas are often shaggy, medium-pile fibers that infuse comfort and warmth. Nowadays, runner rugs come in a broad variety of lengths to accommodate shorter halls as well as long sets of stairs that could require stair rods.
If you have children at home, non-slip runner rugs can be a great addition to a hall. These come with a rubber back to prevent moving on hard floors. In turn, a steady runner rug reduces the risk of slipping and tripping, especially with running children or pets. You could also add rug pads to your regular runner rugs or experiment with non-slip products. Options like non-slip sprays, tapes, and rug fleece may help depending on the floor you’re using them on.
Runners may also contribute to making stairs safer. Make sure to avoid slippery fibers like sisal, and keep the rug in place with rods.
Style and texture
Runner rugs are available in a broad range of designs, possibly even in the same design as your favorite area rug. You could experiment with matching rugs to create harmony between spaces, but we recommend combining different rugs with a unifying color. Mix up plain entry rugs with colorful, patterned hall runners to balance out the elements in the design. Often, handmade rugs offer better quality, but they also come with a steeper price tag. But if you’re looking to make a long-term investment and give your space the ultimate style treatment, they should be an option worth considering. For more affordable runners, commercial rugs insynthetic fabrics can offer enough variety and style without splurging.

From lighting up a neglected hallway to making stairs safer or a bedroom comfier, runners can bring plenty of style and functionality to your décor. Take a chance with quality handmade rugs, or explore the variety of commercial runners with a broad variety of designs and colors to satisfy every taste. Keep in mind the use you’ll be giving the rug, where you’re putting it, and the kind of materials you’d want to use. This way, you make sure your rug hunting will go smoothly.

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