Find The Best Round Rug For Your Space

Square area rugs are a great addition to your décor, but a round rug brings out the best out of your unique style. They give the impression of intimacy, familiarity, and movement to a room, and they can also be versatile – a round rug is perfect for any room in your house or apartment. Round rugs are less common, so they bring attention to your style more quickly.

It might have something to do with the symbolism of the circle: unity and intimacy, a circle represents how we are all connected. This also makes them a perfect present for someone who is moving to a new home.

They usually come in Oriental patterns with dominant red and brown colors. The patterns combined with the round shape of the rug create a focal point that works well with neutral colored furniture like gray or white.

Here are some ways you can add a round rug to any space in your home.


Round rugs work best when placed between the bed and your bedroom furniture because its shape gives movement to your whole décor. Use dark, round rugs with bright-colored bedroom furniture to add a dash of color and focus, and pair it with other circular furniture or patterns. For example, add a round stool or throw away pillows with circular patterns.

If there are more rugs in the room, like a large area rug under the bed, keep a unifying element that ties all the rugs together. If the area rug is in a solid color, make sure your round rug has patterns in a similar tone. Combining patterns is more difficult, as it can quickly make a design lose focus, but you can do it by mixing intricate patterns with simpler ones in less saturated tones.


A bathroom is a perfect place to add a round rug because it creates an elegant atmosphere inside a functional, often more neglected space. Use light-colored rugs with simple patterns to add more space and brightness.

Dining Room

A round rug works wonders in a dining room. It puts your dining table in the spotlight, and it helps define the eating area in open plan spaces or eat-in kitchens. You can use them with round or square tables. Just make sure to buy a rug large enough to comfortable fit the table and all of the chair’s legs, as well as for people to move around the table.

Pair the color of your dining table with the tones on the rug. Preferably, it should have intricate geometric or floral patterns to bring attention to the space.

Living Room

Within this space, round rugs create great visual interest and bring attention to the center of the space. Use a round rug under a coffee table or an ottoman to make the space more intimate.

Round rugs are an excellent addition to any room. Their shape brings movement to your design, and their shape helps define your space and give it an intimate look. Make sure to repeat the shape with circular patterns or furniture such as ottomans or stools to make your décor more consistent. Have fun choosing the perfect round rug for your home!