Tips for Choosing an Ideal Hallway Runner

Home décor is not complete if you have not invested in good rugs and carpets for the floors. With the wide range of rugs available on the market today, it is possible to get a nice rug that will suit your requirements.

While selecting the areas to be covered with rugs, the hallway should be among your top priorities. It is the first place that you see once you enter the house. Space tends to be narrow and since it cannot be fitted with stuff such as furniture or flowerpots, you can instead cover it up using a nice hallway runner.

You can use the following tips in finding an ideal long hallway runner rug:

  • Take The Measurement

It is mandatory that you measure the length of your hallway to get the best fitting of the rug. Most people walk into the shop without the measurement and pick the first rug that they see with some nice designs and colors. They end up wasting money because the rug may not be long enough to cover the hallway.

Do not be in a hurry. Take the measurements of the length and width of your hallway and define the maximum and minimum size of a rug that you may want. In this way, you will be ensured that the required surface area of the floor is covered. With the help of these measurements, you will be able to get the ideal rug for your hallway without wasting money.

  • Choose Your Desired Style

Once you have the measurements, you can now decide on the style that will look good in your house. Choosing rug designs is not a difficult task because rugs do not come in so many styles. There is just a handful including traditional, rustic, modern and minimalist. You can browse online or check through magazines to help you get a better picture of the styles available so that you can choose the one that will suit your preferences.

  • Consider The Fabric

Before you purchase the hallway runner, you need to know the kind of fabric that has been used to make it. Knowing the fabric will guide you on how to clean the rug. Some fabrics can be machine-washed while others cannot. You need to know that there are certain textiles that will fade very fast, it means you have to be careful while making your selection. Pale fabrics may hide dirt while darker ones show it off completely. Consider the lighting of your hallway before choosing the fabric. If it is well lit, you might want to choose fabrics that do not fade easily and hide dirt.

  • Overall Theme Of The House

The hallway runner that you choose should blend well with the overall theme of the house. If not, it should bring out a smooth contrast that is still appealing to the eye.

Getting a hallway runner rug that will fit into your hallway is not a difficult task as long as you take the above guidelines into consideration. Do not buy it merely on impulse as you may end up getting a piece that will not fit into the area.

Purchase the perfect hallway rug and people will marvel at your expertise in interior décor.

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